Papikonda – a sneak preview of the national park!

A forest where you can see wonders like Malabar pied hornbills swooshing, a shy pair of Malabar trogons, a herd of gaurs mulching on post-monsoon grasses on a high-altitude shola landscape  and there are tribal hamlets which need a day’s walk in treacherous terrain to access them.

Malabar Pied Hornbills
Malabar Trogon
04Stream inside the park
03Mighty Godavari

You might be thinking you are in Western Ghats or some remote Vietnam rainforest, but it is a paradise known as Papikonda landscape which lies on border of Andhra and Odisha.

Hill Myna

These semi-evergreen and moist-deciduous forest give a refuge to wealth of diverse biodiversity.

02.jpeg             Splendid Teak Trees

From mouse deer which is world’s smallest deer to gaur which is world’s largest wild bovine, from rusty spotted cat which is world’s smallest cat to the majestic Bengal tiger.

Text & Photos by Santosh Edupuganti

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