Tiger Survey in Telangana

HyTiCoS and Telangana Forest Department Invite Citizens to count Tigers!!

Starting Jan 21st, 2018


Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society in association with

Telangana Forest Department have launched a “citizen volunteers” program to count the Tigers in Telangana forests.

“Conducted once in 4 years the “All India Tiger Estimation” is part of the National Tiger Conservation and Wildlife Institute of India’s national exercise.”

Hyticos being appointed as partners with Telangana forest department will be supporting in this prestigious monitoring programme

Tiger Monitoring

This survey will help estimate and protect our “umbrella species” the Tiger, its prey base of herbivores and their forest habitats. These “natural” Forests will in turn keep feeding our rivers, absorbing oxygen, storing carbon, prevent floods and erosion and countless other free services without which we will not survive.

LEVEL 1- All India Tiger Estimation (Telangana) – Jan 22nd – 29th 2018 (minimum of 8 days)

Volunteers will help survey Tigers, other carnivores, herbivores and condition of forests through “Sign surveys” and “Line Transect Surveys” in forests of Telangana.

LEVEL 2- Long Term Wildlife Research – Feb 1st– May 30th 2018 ( Phase IV of Tiger Monitoring, minimum of 2 weeks )

Volunteers will help count Tigers by setting up camera traps, and counting Tiger prey species through “Line Transect Surveys” in Tiger Reserves in Telangana.

Submit applications online at https://goo.gl/ZhRpi1

For more details contact volunteer.hyticos@gmail.com



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