Anantagiri Hills

A limitless blue sky gave way to escaping clouds as we drove past the city limits, ficus trees bordered the road on both sides, as we  saw pastures, fields and few occasional villages all along.

“An object flew away in air, hey a bird.. one remarked! .. few saw just a splash of color,
another was left perplexed, felt it was a joke… Welcome to Bird watching!”

Excitement was nice all around with no worries then. It was already past 7:00 a.m.!!!
Midway at Chevella town,  we had our breakfast of idli, dosas and tea.
The august air was warm so early in the day, but the hues around us were an absolute delight.
Then an hour past our breakfast we were in Anantagiri Hills.

 Our Group at Kotepalli Lake
We shed our vehicle on plateau and ventured the wild scrub.
Although our focus was on birds, but for a while butterfly checklist had outnumbered the bird list!
Everyone experiencing and enjoying with these little beauties. We had once a Blue Tiger on our right and a Leopard on our left tree. (Butterflies have been named as tigers, sailors and wanderers)
Blue Tiger

Butterflies we saw:
1. Crimson Rose
2. One spot grassy yellow
3. Common lime
4. Common crow
5. Blue Tiger
6. Plain Tiger
7. Common Leopard
8. Striped Tiger
9. Blue Pansy
10. Common Rose
11. Common Emigrant
12. Bright babul blue
13. White Orange Tip



Plain Tiger
Overall the birds were less as expected, but the munias were quite often seen.
“Wow a White eye”, Satvik called and a little later all went after a Tickell’s blue.

Similarly the next hour flew past us, till we tracked our way back through forest cross-roads to conclude our trek.


Panoramic view from Hills
Once again the engine roared, further we drove past dharur village and went for Kotepalli reservoir.
The lake was as placid I left it last time, with lots of Larks on edges, the Pied busy hovering & diving for fish.
We all sat down quiet, under the solo tree bordering the lake.
Soon the birds descended all around. A Lark’s crest was upright, another lark specie dived in  mid air, two pipers descended in distance, a stork flew and what not!

Birds we saw:
1. Indian Silverbill
2. Cattle Egret
2. Greater Coucal
3. Little Egret
4. Rose Ringed Parakeet
5. Lauighing dove
6. Tickles blue flycatacher
7. Red Vented bulbul
8. Oriental white eye
9. Black shouldered kite
10. Copper smith barbet
11. Common Myna
12. Green Bee-Eater
13. Ahsy Crowned Sparrow Lark
14. Crested Skykes Lark
15. Little Cormorant
16. Grey Heron
17. Black Ibis
18. Medium Egret
19. Red Wattled Lapwing
20. Common Sand Piper
21. Indian Short Toed Lark
22. River Tern
23. Iora
24. Hoopoe
25. Common Wagtail
26. White Browed Babbler
27. Warbler
28. White Headed Babbler
29. Streak throated swallow
30. Common swallow

Green Bee-Eater
After a little Birding we also explored the lake’s edge, the lake floods the forest patch on other side
and smooth grasses carpet till this edge.
Mongoose were seen disappearing quietly in holes, a big raptor probably Bonellis was annoyed and flew away.
At an outlet of the lake we found a dead 5 kg Channa fish , Bharath climbed down the slope to turn the fish enabling a picture.  “Local fish folk had informed me in a 2004 survey, that some parasite killed almost all big Channa here.”


The Placid Kotepalli Lake

After snacks, again we did a small trek in Anantagiri hills.
Giant wood spider were almost everywhere, each except males nestled at core of their webs.
The sun had left everything hot by now, eventually we got tired & gave up.


Painted Stork

Post our lunch stop, and a little sleepy.. we were driven back to Hyderabad.

Written by Asif Siddiqui (photos taken by Satvik & Asif)