On the 15th of August, 6 a.m  we entered Nehru Zoological Gardens for Birdwatching.
Imran discussed basics of Birding while the Birds kept distracting his audience – Birds were active early!

We were 6 members and a Naturalist named Sandeep working at zoo who also guided us.
“Black swans were moved inside for breeding”, Sandeep told us and he also gave lots of insights and updates….

We moved at a very slow pace and observed keenly all along the walk.

The Birds List (recorded by us):
a. Rose ringed Parakeets
b. Spotted Dove
c. Common Myna
d. Tickells Blue Flycatcher
e. Night Heron
f. Purple Heron
g. Grey Heron
h. Silver Bill
i. Ashy Prinia
j. Tailor Bird
h. Cormorant
i. Koel
j. White Breasted KingFisher
k. Drongo
l. White headed babbler (also called Yellow Billed Babbler)
m. Peacocks
n. Painted Stork

o. Red Wattled Lapwing
p. Purple Sunbird
q. Pied Wagtail
r. Warbler
s. Indian Robin
Note: This list is from my notes, please add/report the birds I missed out.

The night herons looked amazing! they were at least a hundred or so near the beautiful pond next to Elephant enclosure. The deer enclosures as well looked fabulous for Birding .

After the Birding at sharp 8 a.m flag hoisting function was attended by the team.
Mr. Mallikarjun the zoo Director hoisted the flag. We later had a small discussion with him.
Some members of our team had breakfast with the staff.
It was a wonderful Independence day outing for team hyticos.