The summer sun had faded now, the clouds were voilent the rains lashed the Kawal sanctuary, the dried seeds has enough patience and life sprouted everwhere, the forest was transformed from brown to ligher and stronger shades of green,
Now its time for wild denizens to feed as the food lies in abundance everwhere, very soon each has to multiply  as process repeats as old as we could imagine.
The pools are filled with water and fishes are coming upstream they need to secure deep pools and establish territories to breed.
meanwhile villagers make merry and kill fish with sticks , nets ……..mud arranged traps by ladies too.
The birds make merry as well they cherish each bit of food and new flowers bring nectar to bees and insects.
Butterflies are on waiting game wait till  i will show u my colours soon is the message,
Snakes come around everywhere as holes filled with water. The stream brings food for fish lying in rivers and bigger ones devour it till more rains permit greater flow and this they captalize to swim upstream.
Tigers are on regular hunt now water is everywhere so they have to ambush and walk tirelessly till they bring down some herbivore.
Villagers around busy with fields the cattle gets food near village itself so the Brave tiger can only attack such wandrers,
Department people are busy with their duties now patrolling is to be done near rivers as timber is cut and thrown to flow downstreams.
HYTICOS are busy with concerns and make visits too and find difficult to move in water they are deprived of their visibility to dense growth and misty setting obstucting sun.
Yes i love my forest for more reasons than one,
                                                                                                                 Sincerely Asif.